Hidden Costs

Ofcourse, this is one of the most important topics! Now lets discuss how much damage we are going to do to you pockets, or bank accounts for that matter.

As for any plans that you make, there is always extra expense that you must pay out of your pockets, so let us explain what is covered in the trip costs.

We only charge you for the cost of travelling. In other words, you are renting our vehicle and the driver just as you would rent any taxi. This includes your vehicle, insurance, and the driver. Any repairs to the vehicle are covered too. The rest is all your own expense.

Following is a list of items that you will pay for yourself. You must take into account the following items before you make your reservations:

  • Air Fare to and from India
  • Food
  • Phone calls, tips, etc.
  • Shopping
  • Entrance tickets to selected places, like museums etc.
  • Entertainment, like clubs, theme parks, etc.
  • Hotel expenses, if you want to stay somewhere overnight.

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