One of its kind Camper in India, having all the facilities of a Five Star Hotel. With German Hyd-raulic shocks and extra leaf springs, this vehicle gives you the best ride on Indian roads. The vehicle has been customized to suit the high quality needs of our international traveller.

The best fully reclining extra wide seats available in the travel industry give you the most comfort while travelling even the worst roads. No other vehicle in India will give you this type of comfort and legspace as our camper.

The facility of having your own cold beverages is also provided while you travel in India even in the hottestweather. You can store you food items in the fridge and then use the small kitchenette to warmup your food ormake your own tea or coffee right in the comfort of your camper. A coffee machine is provided along with other utensils and dishes that may be needed on the road.

Built in shower and bathroom give you the comfort of being at home even while you are on the road. You can even take aquick shower while the vehicle is in motion. No need to find a toilet or washroom at restaurants or road side rest areas.The camper can store approximately 75 litres of water for shower and sink, and another 20 litres for the toilet.

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