Jammu & Kashmir
Risk of terrorist activities. Many reported roadside bombings have been reported. This is one state that we do not visit on any of our tours.

Terrorism in Kashmir has finished the tourist industry in Kashmir, still, you will find lots of Kashmiri people in Himachal Pradesh who are trying to lure tourist to those areas. They will try to convince the tourist that nothing is wrong in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, but then ask them why they are living in Himachal Pradesh. If the tourism industry is not finished in Kashmir, then they did not have to come to Himachal Pradesh and convince the tourist to go to Jammu and Kashmir.

We urge you to read the article on this state at for further information.

The truth is, Kashmir is NOT safe at all, and we do not cover that state in our trips.

Himachal Pradesh
Do not stop in lonely places at night due to risk of wild animals.

Do not walk alone after dark hours. Muggings and robbing incidents have been reported on a daily basis.

Do not drive at night. Truckers don't like smaller vehicles driving the highways at nioght, and may throw stones at your windshield.

Very violent state. Stay out of arguments. Do not go around alone. Drinking water is scarce, so carry your own bottles. Tap water not recomended for drinking.

Madhya Pradesh
Beware of going into the Chambal Valley. Roadside looting, vehicle looting and murder is common in this area.

Tamil Nadu
Beware of 2-wheelers and pedestrians while driving. They will not signal or look for danger to themselves! They just jump into the street or highway regrdless of the amount of traffic on the road. Very busy roads at all hours.

Stay away from busses. Very rash drivers with no road sense at all.

Kashmir Terrorism.
Kashmir Terrorism.
Kashmir Terrorism.
Rajasthan driving.
Crime in Bihar. Guns are free.
Kerala Traffic, always the same.
Chambal looters on bikes. Faces covered.
Tamil Nadu traffic, no rules, no regulations.
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